The poolhouse functions as a temporary accommodation with a shower, sauna, and sitting area. Due to regulations of the municipality of Wassenaar which made it impossible to add more buildings to the parcel, a light construction was designed that is both strong and easy to remove. In addition to this design decision, the position of the building between two of the existing buildings, led to the choice of a transparent and also removable façade. The use of semi-transparent curtains and banana plants creates a playful scenery of light and intimacy, contact and privacy, coolness and warmth. The result is a pool house that sets itself easily within its context and can be adapted to user’s wishes.

 The whole coated steel frame was prefabricated in tubes of 50x100mm and 100x100mm. The construction is in one piece conserved, transported to the location, and lifted into its right position. A skin made out of 3mm transparent plastic was attached to the structure with stainless steel fasteners that are used in the boating industry, and can easily be opened to remove the skin. All additions to the façade, like the door handles and other profiles, are made out of the same plastic as the skin to keep the façade as transparent as possible. The roof is carried by a structure of plasticized steel wire and small wooden battens, and consists of a white colored sail. The curtains are fixed with aluminum rings and tyraps to avoid corrosion.

Through intensive preparation and detailing the project could be finished on site within a very short amount of time, and was therefore designed and contracted by AAArchitects® itself.