House Z

The concept of this project is based on the design method “A-POC” of the fashion designer Issey Miyake, who has developed an interactive way of cloths production. One continuous tube of fabric is the starting point. Customers can create a variety of possibilities from the continuous piece of fabric according to his own individual wishes. The base of the villa design is a concrete core which connects all the layers and carries all the floors. In the core little functions as a bathroom, kitchen block, toilets, closets and a fireplace are situated so that the area between the core and the facade only exists of space that needs daylight and fresh air.

The program is divided in day program on the ground floor and night program on the first floor. On ground floor level a space is created that is completely free of partitions. Multi layered curtains along the glass facade are controllable from a distance so that the residents can alter the light intensity of the adjoining space. The total volume on the first floor is a thatched roof separated from the marble terrace by nothing but glass as if it is floating. The private open area on the ground floor is screened with a large marble wall from the public street