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Rotterdam, Netherlands

The concept

The Beneluxplein is a highway junction of the A4 and A15, approached in it’s relations with the surroundings. The specific approach is the experience of the landscape at 1,80 meters above ground surface. We did not search for functional differences, but for ‘experiences’, such as; openness/density, temperature, wind friction, colour, artificial/natural, sound, material, light, attainability. At a 1,5 x 1,5 km area, 225 hectares in total, we noted data for each hectare and by gradations subdivided them into groups. By visualising all experiences, a personal approach of the landscape came into existence.

The result is an interpretation of 225 surfaces. This study model shows us that a landscape, besides from functional experiences, can give other information. Borders suddenly have other meanings or even disappear, also influences of infrastructure disappear.

The design

Working with this idea’s we started with 4 presenting landscapes: living, industry, green, company’s. By piling these on to each other and connecting them by they’re current presence a complex mixture of landscapes came into existence. We used a computer to visualise these piles to create scale models. These landscapes and these incisions are connected to the exits of the highway. Curves disappear because of exchanging landscape.

By piling landscapes at the Beneluxplein and connecting them with they’re current presence, a complex mixture of surfaces came into existence and made it possible to create a different interpretation of this highway junction. This made reducing the injunction , that turned into an injunction of landscapes, into a 375 x 375 meter area possible.