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Al Buraimi

Al Buraimi, Oman

The total site will be covered by a seven meter high plinth on top of which a fourty meter high hotel is placed. The built volume of this plinth consists of eight villas, shops, restaurants and meeting rooms. The eight villas are separated into two groups of four and placed around a courtyard which can be reached directly from the main road. Another entrance from the main road leads towards a large square. When driving on the entrance road people will see a large water basin in the middle and 7 meter high walls on the side that are covered with a big sheet of colorful plants. On the square one can enter the parking space underneath the shops and the hotel, or get out to go shopping or visit the hotel.

The hotel has nine layers. The first one on the ground floor which is part of the plinth consists of the hotel lobby, a restaurant, meeting rooms and shops. The eighth and ninth have a swimming pool on top of the hotel, tennis hall of two layers with a supporter’s platform and a fitness area on the other side. The first until the sixth floor are for the hotel rooms. The hotel is split into two wings by a big patio which is covered with plants to filter the air which is ventilated naturally by creating a flow of fresh air throughout the rooms in the patio. The patio is covered with a glass roof which reflects the sun and ensures a nice climate underneath it in the patio. The elevators and stars are situated in the middle of the patio, so that every space alongside the facades can be used for hotel rooms.