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Lima, Peru


Since the height and density of the city is increasing nature can play an important role in the vertical environment of the city. In this case the building is equipped with a huge green void as a green hart. Around the void all apartments are situated, private gardens are designed instead of balconies and on top a natural pool relieves artificiality from its nasty taste. The void also plays an important role, in the differentiation of the buildings program and the spatial experience in- and outside the building, by altering its size. The entire main vertical infrastructure is placed in the back of the building to create as much free space as possible for the void, and reliefs the design from any constraints of differentiation.


Except from the third and the fourth floor each floor maintains one apartment with variable surfaces. The parking garage can be reached with a ramp where the car will be parked automatically. The occupant or visitor can reach the apartments through a lift core in the back of the building. After entering the apartment the living or sleeping wing can be reached. The roof terrace has a terrace following the outer façade and a pool following the inner façade. According to the system of the natural pool, also here vegetation gets to play an important role in the architecture.


The north façade consists of an inner and outer façade with in between a balcony zone. The outer façade is made of a transparent foil imprinted with an image of plants in a rainforest and the vertical strips are made of corten steel; the inner façade is the actual climate façade. The green façades are made of metal cassettes with plants attached to an invisible steel structure.


The negative effect of the built environment on its natural one is increased by the addition of specific systems. The pool on the roof can be admired year round without the need to be covered or the use of chemicals. The green facades are maintenance free, form a natural isolation skin and are an addition to Lima’s green structure. The double façade limits the use of mechanical air-conditioning.