Platform B010

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The city Rotterdam: harbour, attractive city by the Maas, Skyline – live and work in the clouds. A young, international city by the water with a sober energetic mentality. The major is the manager of this city.

He stands above the parties and brings them together. Bridge builder between many strengths in this dynamic city. The major’s house has meaning as a platform of from which the city is represented and where informal relations are maintained.


The Maas is a very determinative picture characteristic for Rotterdam. Quality keeper for life- and work image. By the water-axis lies a splendid mail-industrial monument: De Hef. The bridge becomes the platform for the major’s house. The monument is a symbol for an era in which Rotterdam has become large. The new additive, the house as a springboard for the future.

Monuments get more meaning when there is an integration with daily living. Re-use of De Hef re-news the object in the topicality of the city. Such as the Van Nelle factory or La Courneuve in Paris. 

Architectonic concept

Starburst is a technique from the clothing design world. Thin layer metal is introduced on clothing. By wearing the clothing the metal-layer tears and clothing forms itself to the body. Re-use of material is a fundamental principle, in which our contemporary culture is reflected.

Living Concept

The heart of the home is itself in the movable part of the auto-hoist, on approx. 60 meters. The living program can be approached both from the south and north. Living has been stretched as a bridge over the sleeping program. The house is made of glass, with a fragile transparent skin as coating. Rotterdam can see when the major is at home. The interior is developed in a baroque piece of furniture architecture. A reference to the harbour barons, who helped Rotterdam become large. The garden is itself on the lower part of the bridge on the south side. And is a connection with the new arranged green zone area. The other bridge side is also the head entry and can be used for temporary events.