P&C, Paper and clip

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A hybrid landscape of cardboard tubes leads the flow of visitors through the stand. The program determines the height of the tubes. Who wants to sit can sit on them and debate with one of the hosts, who wants to drink something, orders a drink at the bar and gazes around through the set out magazines, books and information on the laptops. When they want to meet somebody or gather other information a lovely lady helps them out at the reception desks. For the visitor in a hurry there is the outer curve where a plasma screen is integrated in a wall of tubes. 

The tube has been chosen as a strong and cheap building stone that is manufactured environmental friendly, easily can be reused and if necessary can be recycled without too much effort. In the whole plan damage of the tubes has been avoided as much as possible to make reuse possible. The tubes are connected to each other with paperclicks (a kind of paperclip) that can be removed easily afterwards without any damage to the tubes. All constructional parts, furniture, the plasma screen and the illumination are part of, or integrated in the tube-landscape.