Elsenburger Villa

Rijswijk, Netherlands

The concept for this competition is to build up to 10 villas in 10 layers: by each floor level, you find outside spaces (garden, car park, storages, terrace…) and inside units. The “piled up country house” is a fact. The traditional entry space, lift hall, garage or car park and head stair house has been crossed out from the collective living program. The front door to the lift plateaus are common private-entry. Two plateaus functions as a vertical transport for people and vehicles to directly go to their own floor level. As from the drive way the occupant is brought directly by a moving plateau (4m by 6 m) to the living floor. The ring structure allows a lot of classification possibilities. Some of it we have reflected as classification diagram.

The vertical transport is by itself in the core. Surrounded by two rings. The interior ring is the horizontal opening-up. The outer ring is a shifting of spaces, these spaces can be oriented rather on sunshine and/or view. Piled up living forms are similar to urbanism. With that there is distance to human scale and nature. In this design the floor levels are readable in the facade, as countable layers. The many glass in the façade takes over colour and atmosphere of the surroundings. Air with sun or rain: blue or grey and trees with or without booklet: green or brown.