1/2 Pavilion

Calgary, Canada

This competition was organised by the Canadian festival: Artcity in Calgary. Through a competition a pivilion ,which shows a piece of art, is designed and constructed every year. The festival is based on a different theme every year, this years theme is; Trans (continuum, across, beyond, transarchitecture etcetera).

The concept
The pavilion is half (1/2) of the 2.4 x 5.1 x 2 given volume. The other half is empty space in the + 15 system. A piece of art, divided in several parts, creates suspense between these two halves. The pedestrians’ fascination is triggered by the visual presentation viewed from a distance. Walking towards the piece a game is played with the several parts, the art becomes less solid. Close by, the piece of art dissolves and the pedestrian looking for the piece is being confronted with the movement of others, they become aware of their participation in the trans-space of down town Calgary.

The design
The pavilion is constructed with wood and steel tubes. Wooden strokes of 20 x 200 mm are glued together to portable elements of 200 x 200 mm with a variation of lengths. Assembly is as follow:
(1) Floor elements are assembled with steel tubes
(2) The wall is put into an opening in the floor
(3) A steel tube secures the wall in the floor
(4) Wooden strokes for art are assembled in the floor
(5) The pavilion is finished with a floor and a wall element
(6) An artist will be invited to make a piece of art which will be divided in pieces of 200 x 1800 mm. These strokes of art will be placed on the wooden strokes.

Between the wooden strokes lightning is situated in the floor, this will cause a sequence of light which corresponds and combines with the art.